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Ackels & Ackels, L.L.P. has experienced attorneys who have handled a wide variety of arbitration matters resulting in millions of dollars in awards. We represent clients on both sides of the docket before arbitration panels and single arbitrators. Whether related to business or personal matters, arbitration is a way to resolve disputes by a final ruling, which can be beneficial to all parties.

Our attorneys also act as neutral arbitrators. We serve to resolve the dispute in a manner that is fair and just for the parties. Even cases that are pending in court can use arbitration to address pre-trial issues in an expeditious manner. Any of the following matters can be arbitrated:

  • Business disputes
  • Personal and family disputes
  • Pre-trial motions and/or discovery issues
  • Trial matters
  • Post-judgment matters

Many of our clients have personal legal matters that need attention as well. We represent clients in formal arbitration matters, as needed. Our attorneys offer convenient office hours, flexible appointment times and reasonable fees.