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Business Litigation and Trial

Our attorneys have decades of collective litigation experience. We handle cases of all types on both sides of the docket. Our litigation experience includes business and commercial matters, health care, probate, family law, employment, civil and criminal matters, real estate and construction, and general legal matters of various types. We manage and supervise litigation and outside counsel in multiple jurisdictions for corporations and businesses. Our attorneys have served as litigation and trial consultants and strategic advisors in major business and commercial litigation and trials. Our attorneys are experienced in both state and federal courts. We also practice before arbitrators and arbitration tribunals in multiple forums.

We represent our clients zealously and handle each case in the manner that is in our client's best interest. We work closely with our client, keeping the client informed and making decisions together. We attempt to negotiate settlements where appropriate, take advantage of available alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration, and we take cases to trial when necessary.

Our attorneys have been involved in countless matters that have resulted in significantly advantageous results for our clients. Our attorneys have:

  • Participated as counsel in billion-dollar commercial litigation involving the energy industry
  • Served as trial consultant in business litigation resulting in a mid-nine-figure jury verdict after several months of trial
  • Participated as counsel in business litigation resulting in a high-eight-figure jury verdict
  • Served as trial counsel in a seven-figure jury verdict
  • Served as lead counsel in family law and divorce matters involving eight-figure marital estates
  • Served as lead counsel in litigation, arbitrations and trials resulting in seven-figure settlements, awards, and judgments
  • Served as lead counsel in successful petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States resulting in vacating a Texas state court judgment
  • Served as lead counsel in multi-million dollar lender liability suits, successfully defending clients being sued by lenders and financial institutions
  • Served as lead counsel in criminal matters (including white-collar crime and health care fraud) in state and federal courts resulting in acquittals, reversals on appeal (including the successful reversal of a death-penalty case), and dismissal prior to grand jury indictment