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Insurance Coverage/Liability

Insurers are in the business of making money which means they can be stingy in paying claims. From homeowners to business liability claims (hurricane, storm damage, builders risk, construction defects), the value of any insurance policy depends on the coverage it provides and the payment of claims. If your insurance company is refusing to pay your claim or denying that you have the coverage you paid for, contact our AV rated lawyers who have decades of experience fighting to collect on insurance claims.

Most insurance policies and other documents related to insurance coverage are designed to be difficult to read and understand. Policyholders believe that one insurance policy is essentially the same as the rest. This is simply not the case. Insurance policies are not 'standard.' Therefore, it is more important to understand your insurance coverage and receive clear answers to questions like:

  • Does my policy protect me against the range of adverse events that can occur?
  • What are my benefits?
  • What are the limits on my policy?
  • What types of exclusions are in my policy?

Insurance carriers leave you with three problems:

  • Denial or delay of your claim
  • Cancellation or rescission before storm damage or another adverse event takes place
  • Refusal to defend you in a lawsuit, asserting that you do not have coverage

The law firm of Ackels & Ackels, L.L.P. has decades of experience from AV rated lawyers who will protect you from financial ruin when an insurance company does not comply with its obligations in your policy.