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Local Counsel

The attorneys at Ackels & Ackels, L.L.P. have served as local litigation counsel in both state and federal courts for out-of-state companies, individuals and law firms who need representation in the Dallas area. Our firm offers integral knowledge of local court rules and customs, cordial familiarity with the courthouse milieu, and a strong reputation with the local bench and bar. We have assisted major companies and their attorneys, both in the United States and Canada, in handling disputes to a successful conclusion. Our attorneys are flexible and capable of handling as much or as little of the litigation as the client requires, whether providing background information about opposing counsel and parties, or actually handling the nuts-and-bolts of the lawsuit. We are familiar with handling the types of issues that regularly arise when an out-of-state party is sued in Texas, including removal and remand of actions in federal court, jurisdictional issues, special appearances, service of process, motions to dismiss and transfer, venue issues, and pro hac vice matters.