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Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution involving a private, confidential and informal settlement conference where the parties come together with a mediator (an impartial third party) to try and resolve their dispute out-of-court. Our attorneys have successfully participated in hundreds of mediations, as both advocates for our clients and as mediators. As advocates for our clients, our attorneys at Ackels & Ackels, L.L.P. are dedicated to resolving cases in the client's best interest. In every case, we consider mediation and its possible consequences. We carefully consider whether mediation is appropriate and, if so, when to schedule it. We maintain an excellent reputation in the mediation community, enabling us to represent our client''s interest effectively in all areas of dispute resolution, including the timely and judicious selection of the most appropriate mediator for each case.Two of our attorneys, including our founding attorney, Lawrence E. Ackels, Sr. (1922-2006), were Dallas pioneers in working with Steve Brutsché in establishing mediation as the preferred type of alternative dispute resolution and, in 1989, were charter members of the prestigious Association of Attorney-Mediators. Our attorneys are experienced mediators and conduct regularly scheduled mediations in almost every area of law. We work tirelessly with the parties and their counsel to reach an amicable resolution in each case.