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Outside General Litigation Counsel

The attorneys at Ackels & Ackels, L.L.P. manage and supervise litigation as outside counsel in multiple jurisdictions for corporations and businesses. Our attorneys have:

  • Coordinated the selection of local counsel (knowledgeable about the company's business) through a network of local counsel that has been carefully developed over the years in the communities in which the company does business
  • Provided oversight of local counsel and company's insurer(s) to help ensure both the quality and cost-effectiveness of the services rendered
  • Coordinated legal matters through responsible company management and/or insurers to provide the company with continuity and awareness of all pending issues
  • Been involved in pre-trial discovery and litigation matters to protect the company's interest and vital information; to interface with company employees and personnel in connection with litigation matters; and to anticipate and identify potential 'delicate' situations involving the company
  • Worked closely with the company's insurers to keep costs down, to anticipate and identify potential problem-claims, and to resolve claims timely and on a cost-effective basis
  • Responded immediately to corporate management in connection with all pending matters instead of having management try to contact numerous law firms in several states to obtain information about pending matters
  • Maintained excellent personal relationships with company personnel, insurers, legal counsel and all persons associated with the litigation or potential litigation of company claims
  • Handled consumer-related claims by working in conjunction with the company's customer services department with the aim of timely and cost-effective resolution